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March top 10

March 21, 2022

I’m coming to you this week with my fav top 10 things right now! These are some of my favorite posts to do! These are just some of the things I’m enjoying and want to share with you!

  1. The Guest List and The Last House Guest. I’ve read a lot of books lately and these two were by far the best ones I’ve read. I love a good page-turner and an ending that is unexpected. These books check both of those boxes!
  2. Fit4Mom. This is such a wonderful way to meet other moms while also working on bettering yourself physically. I joined for the workout but I stayed for the community.
  3. OKC Mom. I just became a contributor and it has been such a fun way to get connected in our new city! It is also a place to read some wonderful posts from some incredible women. So whether you live in OK or not, you need to check it out.
  4. Scrunchies. Yes, you read that right. I’m so glad these are back! They are such a fun accessory when you don’t want to do your hair! This one is my favorite!
  5. Stitch Fix. Okay, I know I’m biased because I work here. But hear me out. They have a new Freestyle feature where you can go and shop looks directly by yourself! So you can search through inventory yourself or you can have a stylist send you five surprise items!
  6. IVL leggings. My favorite workout gear is from IVL Collective! They have so many fun prints and styles! And yes, I like them just as much, if not more than Lulu!
  7. Fort Worth mug and Tea Towel. I love Evelyn Henson’s designs. She has a map collection of various US cities. I love these FW designs because they remind me of home.
  8. This swimsuit. Looking for the perfect swimsuit? Look no further! I love this one so much and it’s so flattering! Going on two years of wearing it and it’s still my favorite!
  9. Golden Goose. It’s no secret that I love these shoes. I know that they are a little pricey but holy moly they’re worth it. I get so much use out of them and they’re so comfy! They pair well with so many different outfits!
  10. This thermal jug. This is my go-to cup for drinking water. 1) it holds a lot of water and 2) it’s super cute!

I hope you had as much fun going through this list as I did writing it! I’ll be back next month with another top 10!

xoxo, Alyssa


Fort Worth Restaurants

July 5, 2020

As promised, here is my list of Fort Worth restaurants that I want to visit! This has been an on-going list for about a year now. I am constantly adding to it. I have not crossed off all of them yet because we usually just eat at the same places. However, one of my goals, before I am 30, is to try them all! (The ones with a dash next to them are the ones I have eaten at already.)

  • Press cafe-
  • Woodshed-
  • Social house-
  • Pacific table-
  • Righteous foods
  • Winslow’s Wine Cafe
  • HG Supply-
  • Joe Ts-
  • Mesero
  • Bar taco-
  • Hopdaddy-
  • Local foods kitchen- 
  • Taco heads-
  • Heim-
  • First Watch- 
  • Food Hall- 
  • Mash’d
  • Doc Bs 
  • Yogis-
  • Dutch’s- 
  • Mamas pizza- 
  • The lunchbox- 
  • McKinley’s-
  • Little red wasp- 
  • Rodeo Goat-
  • The bearded lady 
  • Panther City BBQ
  • Austin city tacos-
  • Enchiladas Ole 
  • Lily’s bistro 
  • Cannon 
  • Ol’ South-
  • Spiral Diner
  • Esperanzas-
  • Cafe Modern-
  • Snooze
  • Velvet Taco-
  • R Taco-
  • Taco Diner-
  • Fred’s Texas Cafe-
  • Olivela’s
  • Fortuna-
  • Campisi’s
  • Texas De Brazil-
  • Torchy’s-

Let me know if there are any more I should add!


30 before 30

June 30, 2020
Dress: J.Marie

Alright, y’all. I don’t know if it is because I am an enneagram 3 or just because I love this idea, but checking off 30 goals before I am 30 sounds so exciting! I have accomplished so much in my 29 years and I’m not “afraid” to turn 30. I am looking forward to accomplishing as many, if not all of these goals! Here we go! (P.S two are marked out because they’re secret)

  1. Cross off all the restaurants on my list 
  2. ****** **** ****
  3. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight 
  4. Start my own business 
  5. ***** ** *** ******* 
  6. Go to the New Mexico balloon festival 
  7. See the Christmas tree in NYC
  8. Read all the books on my reading list 
  9. Grow my hair out, cut it, donate it 
  10. Go to an escape room 
  11. Go to a drive-in movie 
  12. Cook all the marked recipes in my recipe books
  13. Buy a plane ticket to a random place
  14. Get all 11 cousins together again 
  15. Romantic getaway with Ryan
  16. Run a 5K
  17. Go paddle boarding 
  18. Be consistent with my blog
  19. Create a capsule wardrobe 
  20. Be in 4 states at once 
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Take a pottery class 
  23. Write a book
  24. Complete our family 
  25. Create a will
  26. Spa day 
  27. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 30th birthday
  28. Learn to sew matching dresses for me and Finley
  29. Learn more about my ancestors 
  30. Get a massage 

Many of these items are things that I have always wanted to do but have never gotten around to it. So, here’s to the last year in my 20’s! Here’s to a year full of new adventures!


New Year, Same You

December 30, 2019

I have probably tried every diet regiment ever made. Tried and failed. Over and Over. It’s frustrating. And exhausting. The only thing that I have found the most beneficial is Whole 30. It’s hard, but it works, yall. I have completed two full rounds and I will start round 3 in January.

I know I know…why wait and start my weight loss in January? Cliche. However, I feel like there is something fun and motivating about starting in the new year!

I went ahead and made a meal plan to make it a little easier. One hard thing is trying to meal plan each day/week. So, I eliminated the stress by going ahead and creating a month-long meal plan. I am also intermittent fasting, so I will only be eating from 11:00 am-7:00 pm. On the meal plan below, you will see that I have not planned breakfast because of the fasting. However, I have put some breakfast ideas below the meal plan so you can have some ideas if you are not fasting. (I am going on vaca in the middle of the month and I will not be doing Whole 30 during that time. I am going to go ahead and start in January though, because I do not want to postpone it!)



My in-laws east at Rosas every Saturday so I incorporated it into my meal plan. I get a taco salad wth ONLY fajita chicken and lettuce. I get a side of salsa and I bring my own plantains. The fajita meat is not compliant. Here is the thing: when I go out to eat I got food that is compliant, however, I do not ask how it is cooked (I do not like being THAT person). So while the food itself is compliant, how it is cooked might not be. I lost 20 pounds my first whole 30-so I am okay with it. Also, the Trader Joes plantain chips used to be compliant but now they are not. I still east them because all of the ingredients are compliant. I eat them with salsa for a snack! Whenever I eat at home all of my meals will be compliant. In N Out, Chipotle, Zoe’s, and Snap Kitchen all have whole 30 certified meals.

I also do Fit4Mom, so I am going to try my best to go Monday-Friday. When my Bible study starts back on Thursdays, I will probably skip and go for a morning run!

I am excited to start a healthier lifestyle for my family!

xoxo, Alyssa


Back to School

September 10, 2019

I am a little late with my back to school post because we started school much later than everyone else! But better late than never! This was our first year at school so there was much excitement! Finley started preschool at our church’s preschool.  I had so much fun preparing all of her back to school items and I have linked everything below!

Back to school traditions

I’m a big fan of transitions. First, we started by getting her new back to school PJ’S and reading this sweet book. This book was read to me right before I geaduated high school by my theatre teacher. We will read it to Fin the night before the first day of each school year. At the end of the year, we will have her teachers sign the book.

 Next, I made this back to school breakfast as a fun way to kick off the school year! I simply added sprinkles to the pancake mixture for confetti pancakes! I threw up dome decor in the kitchen to make it more festive!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go book | Back to school pajamas | White Letter Baord| Finley plate 

Back to School Supplies 

Labels (unavailable but I linked some that are similar)| Note cards | wipe case | Bento Box | Nap mat + Lunch Box + Backpack (Bought locally from Initially Yours. They are the Oh Mint brand)

Cookies are from a local baker + I added this ribbon from Hobby Lobby


Finley’s dress (I bought on a buy/sell/trade Facebook page) | Bottom doormat  (Hobby Lobby) | Top doormat (we made it) | L door hanger (Bought locally in FW from Initially Yours)

She had a wonderful first day and we are so excited to see how much she grows this year!


Postpartum weight loss- the first 10 pounds

July 20, 2019

I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy. 70 pounds. At first, my doctor said it was fine to eat whatever I wanted. I had severe morning sickness so I ate anything that did not make me sick. Queue pizza, cheeseburgers, and french fries. I could not eat any veggies at all. Even the thought of anything green made me sick. I started gaining 10 pounds every time I went to the doctor. Well, fast forward to when I was 30 weeks along and my doctor told me that if I didn’t start eating healthy then I would not lose the weight. I went straight to the grocery store to get some healthy-ish food. That didn’t last long because I was hospitalized when I was 32 weeks. The hospital food was awful so, I ate a lot of CFA and McDonalds.  Even after I delivered, I still craved McDonald’s. I never ate it before I was pregnant but there I was craving it every day.

Right after I delivered, I dropped 30 pounds instantly. However, because of my awful eating habits, I quickly gained 4 pounds back. I knew I had to do something or I was going to go down a path that I did not want to down. I was not allowed to work out for 6 weeks because I had a c-section. So, I decided to change my eating habits. See-ya Mcdonalds and hello Whole 30.

I lost 20 pounds on my first whole 30. I felt awesome. My problem is that when I start losing weight,  I feel good so I start having cheat meals. One cheat meal turns into 2 which turns into 3…you get the drift.

Here I am, back to square one. What a terrible feeling. 18 months postpartum and I weigh exactly what I weighed right after I delivered. I am using this blog post as my personal diary on my weight-loss journey. I am viewing this as a lifestyle change instead of a diet. I hope that through this it will encourage you to kick-start a healthy lifestyle as well!

Day 1: July 5, 2019 | 200 pounds

Today I started the whole 30. This is my third round and I’ll be the first to admit that it is hard, y’all. But it works and I always feel amazing. This is what I found to be most effective for me. I will add that I’m doing Whole 30 but not for 30 days. I am doing Whole 30 as a healthy guideline for what I can and can not eat. I did a whole 30 meal plan for 12 days. I did not work out during these 12 days. These 10 pounds were all lost from eating better.

Some of the foods that I really enjoy are:

Turkey, bacon, and mustard on a lettuce wrap (check your labels)

Hamburger with mustard in a lettuce wrap with homemade french fries

Grilled chicken with veggies

Zoe’s chicken kabobs with veggies and potato salad

Chipotle carnitas bowl with just lettuce

Salads with no dressing


Plantain chips and salsa

almond flour-coated chicken tenders

Taco salad

Day 11: July 15, 2019 | 187 pounds

I lost the first 10 pounds quickly because I had so much weight to lose. I am going to be totally honest. I use to eat ALOT. I would snack throughout the day, eat fast food whenever I wanted too, I would finish Finley’s plate when she was done, I drank a sweet tea daily, etc. It started with a mindset change.

My friend Calen told me that she started “eating to survive”. That has stuck with me. Yes, I enjoy food. However, I only need to eat when my body is telling me that it is hungry. I shouldn’t eat out of boredom or because food is right in front of me.

Is a couple of minutes of indulgence worth a couple of pounds of weight gain? Absolutely not.

I am starting on my next 10 pounds and will keep you updated! I am going to try new ways of losing weight which include different meal plans, intermittent fasting and starting to work out. Stay Tuned!


Fun in Fort Worth

June 12, 2019

It is no secret that Finley and I love exploring our City! I am born and raised in Fort Worth and I am so thankful that I get to raise Finley here! It gets hot in Texas, Y’all. So, I have compiled a list of 15 fun play date ideas here in Fort Worth to help you beat the heat!

1.Zoo Splash Pad


2. The Happy Lark

3.Forest Park mini train

4. Waterside

5. The Zoo/Petting Zoo/Stingray Cove

6. Dream Park

7. Sundance Square Fountains

8. Benbrook Park

9. Chick-Fil-A play space

10. Kid Mania

11. Peek N Play

12. Fossil Rim

13. Host a party!

14. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


15. Benbrook Library Story Time

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to beat the heat this summer!



April 29, 2019

Well, the secret is out…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  The story of our house buying process is incredible so I want to share it with you!

We moved out of our apartment last September because our lease was up. We were waiting to find out where Ryan’s job was going to take him so we moved in with my in-laws for the time being. We found out in March of this year that he will continue to stay in Fort Worth! So this meant that the house search was on!

We talked with a small mortgage company and we did not get approved for as much as we wanted because we both have new cars. (I wish High School would have taught us about this) So we were advised to pay off debt before they would up how much we were approved for. So we paid off $8,000 in debt in one month. But we still did not get approved for as much as we wanted. We just still felt like that was not right. However, we paid off $8,000 in debt so it was definitely worth it!

On Monday, April 1, I told Ryan he needed to check with a different mortgage company to see if they would approve us for more. And they did. Within 30 minutes they pre-approved us for exactly what we wanted to be approved for. (Oh hi, God!)

Later that morning we went out to find bluebonnets for photos and came across this neighborhood that we loved. We saw a for sale sign in the yard for a super cute house in the neighborhood that we had been looking at months earlier. I told Ryan to call the number ASAP and it turns out that the real estate agent is actually the owner of the house. She asked if we wanted to see the house since we were in the neighborhood. She called her husband and he met us there so we could tour the house. He had just put the for sale sign in the yard 1 hour before we called. (I see you, God)

The house was the exact price that we were approved for. Ryan worked hard the next few days working with the insurance company, the mortgage company, and the realtor. The owners of the house really like us and even turned down cash offers for the house. However, on Wednesday they had three offers come in so they had to make a decision. Around 8:00 pm that night we got the call that they picked us! (Thank you, God)

Now we wait. The fun and long closing period where the bank looks at your finances. We were conditionally approved (whatever that means), however, we could spend like $0. I think it’s funny how when we want to save, it is so easy to not spending money. BUT when someone tells you not to spend money, it is the hardest thing ever.

We asked to move up our closing date because we were ready and no one was living in the house. So, our move-in date was moved from May 2 to April 29.  Just last month I had no idea where we were going to live. And in less than a month we found out perfect house in an amazing school district! The Lord orchestrated the timing so perfectly and we give him all the praise!

I am looking forward to the many play dates, memories, and milestones that will happen in our very first family home!