January top 10

January 25, 2024

One of my favorite posts is back! Here are 10 of my favorite things from this past month!

  1. Goodreads. I have spent more time off social media this month and it has been so refreshing. I have more time to do other things, such as reading. This is a great app to keep track of books you’ve read and books you want to read.
  2. This devotion by Lisa Harper. Lisa is a great author and she’s hilarious! This devotion is a quick read for 100 days.
  3. Ugg Tasman slippers. Finally, slippers that are acceptable to wear out of the house!
  4. Apple workouts. There are so many to choose from and they have quick 10-minute workouts that are easy to fit into your busy schedule. 10 minutes doesn’t sound like much but after a 10-minute HIIT workout, I am sweating and sore the next day. They are quick enough so I don’t dread doing them. They are great workouts and easy to do anywhere and any time!
  5. Fit4Mom OKC Blog. I started writing for the Fit4mom OKC blog this month. I wrote about how Fit4mom changed my life when we moved to OKC. Check it out!
  6. Libby App: A virtual library! I found this app when I wanted to check out a new book but the library was closed. You just input your library card number and you can check out books virtually!
  7. Music time at the library. Our library offers free story times and music classes for kids. Check out your local library for free family fun!
  8. Alyssa’s reading list: Watching You 5/5, Verity 4/5, Invisible Girl 2/5, Just Another Missing Girl 5/5, The Girl on the Train 4/5, Something in the Water 3/5, I Found You 4/5 and Zero Days.
  9. My fav headband. This is my favorite brand for headbands and this specific one can be customized! I have one with my kids’ initials on it and it is so special!
  10. Happy Everything. This is my new favorite piece of decor for my home. I have wanted to start my collection for years but never took the plunge. My mom gave me this plate for Christmas with this attachment which is perfect for winter. They have small bases and large bases. They have small attachments and large attachments for every season, holiday, and event. I just bought this attachment for Valentine’s Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful January!

xoxo, Alyssa

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