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Valentine’s fun at home

February 11, 2024

I feel like you either love Valentine’s Day or you hate it. I have always LOVED it! Ever since I was a kid, it has been one of my favorite days! I just love the idea of giving cards and I love all things pink! I love Valentine’s Day crafts and heart-shaped food! My love of Valentine’s Day has been passed down to my children so here are some fun ways that we celebrate at home!


I love a good themed holiday table. This was our Valentine’s table a few years ago. Everything here was bought from Target. So simple yet, cute! I set this up early in the month and we had lunch here the whole month of February and we did crafts throughout the month.



I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s day with your loved ones!

xoxo, Alyssa


Swim-sational six

January 18, 2024
Finley helped me design this invite on Canva!

When I found out I was having a January baby (she actually arrived in December) I immediately started wondering what we were going to do for birthdays. Swimming was out of the picture. I was a June baby and in the 90’s all you had to do was rent a poll, get some pizzas and a cookie cake from the mall and you had the most epic party. So I have had to get creative with parties because I actually have 2 children with birthdays not in summer.

When Finley told me she wanted a swimming/mermaid party I was determined to make it happen. I called local hotels and YMCA’s but neither of those options worked. So I found a local swim school and it was perfect. We got the whole venue to ourselves and they provided two lifeguards.

For the backdrop: I got the silver sparkly backdrop, the marquee 6, the clam pool float, and the balloons from Amazon.

For the tables: The plates, napkins, party hats, and goodie bags are from HomeGoods. The tablecloths and forks are from Walmart/Target. The seashell cups are from Dollar Tree and the coconut cups are from Amazon.

The Main Event…

Ariel and Moana! I rented them from Character Connection. 10/10 recommend this company!

Ariel had her swim tail on and got in the water. Moana red stories and did makeovers for the girls! Her swimsuit and tail came together and are from Amazon. Her crown is from Etsy.

Friends and family:

We are so thankful for everyone who celebrated our sweet 6-year-old!

xoxo, Alyssa


Oh Two-dles!

January 13, 2024

I went back and forth on what I wanted to do for Harrison’s second birthday. It was a toss-up between “Oh Two-dles” and “TWO Infinity and Beyond”. We went with Mickey Mouse because he was more into Mickey at that time. He is more into Toy Story now, so that may be a theme later on down the road! (The invitation is from Etsy)

This was one of my favorite parties to host. I loved the location and the set-up was minimal which made for a stress-free party. We had it at our local play place, Playbox. When I booked the party I didn’t know they had a private party room. So I just booked a regular party space which is out in the open but blocked off for our specific party. I 100% recommend this option because we could sit at our party tables and also keep an eye on our kids without being secluded in a private room.

The weird thing is that they have these abnormally shaped corkboards to hang your decorations on. Normal banners from Amazon do not fit these corkboards so I had to think of something simple that would cover the whole board. I knew I did not want to do balloons. They are not my fav decor piece so I was trying to think of alternatives. I randomly thought of paper fans and my idea miraculously came to life!

I knew that I couldn’t pin the fan up when I got there on the day of the party because that would take forever. So, I decided to get six poster boards and lay them on to match the size of the cork boards. Then I hot glued the fans onto the poster boards and I made sure all boards were covered. I did not glue the poster boards together because I wanted to keep all 6 seperated to make it easier to transport to the party venue. I numbered the poster boards so I knew which poster board went where once I hung them up on the cork boards. It literally fit like a puzzle.

I added the gold foil balloons to spell out the theme name. After that, the decor was simple. For the cake table: white tablecloths from Walmart, a table runner from Amazon, donuts (with Mickey and Minnie rings) placed on plates I already own (you can get cheap plates for $1 at dollar tree), and a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes with a cake topper from Etsy placed on a stand I already own (from Target). Next, I had their Disney World photos blown up and placed at the ends of the table for extra decor.

For the tables: white tablecloths, red napkins, plastic silverware, and plastic cups all from Walmart/Target. I ordered black Mickey stickers from Amazon and I stuck them on the plastic cups. The Mickey plates are from Walmart. I ordered Mickey and Minnie headbands from Amazon and they came in bulk. I placed these down the middle of the table for extra decor.

That brings us to the main event: MICKEY!

We rented Mickey from Character Connection and I highly recommend this company! They are Disney World quality and they are very well trained! Harrison’s “2” Mickey ears are from Etsy and his outfit is from Classic Southern Smocks.

We had the best time celebrating our big 2-year-old! As I am typing this, he’s actually almost three. I am knee-deep in superhero party planning.

We are so thankful for our friends and family who made this party so special!

xoxo, Alyssa


Flipping into 5

January 5, 2024

It’s been a while since I have written a new post…2 years to be exact. I have so many topics to post about, so I am starting with Finley’s fifth birthday party… which happened in 2022. (Yes, she already had her 6th birthday) Posting about Finleys and Harrisons’ parties is my favorite topic to write about. So let’s jump in!

We had her birthday at our local gymnastics gym. We had our own private party room and we shared the whole gym with only one other party. I 1000% recommend having your party at a venue because I was able to sit back, relax, and let the kids run and play without having to entertain everyone.

The birthday banner and balloons are from Amazon. I wish I would have pinned down all sides of the banners and added more balloons to the arch…but when you only have a little time to set up…this is what you get ūüėÖ

Again, I wish I had used a table runner to add more color to the table but I was in such a hurry that it was left out. The party hats, cups, napkins, and forks are from Target. One thing that I usually always do is buy cheap napkins, cups, and forks from Target and spend more on cute plates from a party store. I also always buy cheap tablecloths at Walmart.

The medals are from Amazon and the star plates are from Momo Party. The ones I used are sold out but here are similar ones! I highly recommend this shop for party goods! Her cake topper is from Etsy. This shop is amazing and makes the most creative cake toppers. Another thing I always do for parties…I buy cheap cakes from Target, Nohting Bundet Cakes or Great American cookies. I stopped buying expensive cakes and I buy cakes that I know my kids will love and then I add a cute topper!

Her crown and shirt are also from Etsy. She picked them out herself! I have used these crowns every year since her first birthday!

This table was an afterthought. I hadn’t planned on doing a cake table. I was just going to bring the cake out when we sang. However, last minute (like the day before the party) I decided to print out these gymnastics photos of her. I had no idea where I was going to put them but I loved them. There was an extra table in our party room so I just threw on a tablecloth and added these photos with the cake. She LOVED it!

Friends and Family

She had a blast with her friends! We are so thankful for everyone who came and celebrated our girl!

That’s a wrap on her fifth birthday post! Next is Harrison’s second birthday and Finley’s sixth birthday!

xoxo, Alyssa


Come ONE come all

March 14, 2022

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet bot turning ONE! This was one of my favorite themes I have done! We had his first party at my aunt’s house and invited our closest friends and family.

I have linked everything that I can below!

Invitation: Etsy

Backdrop: Amazon

Balloons: Amazon

Chalkboard sign: Etsy

Outfit: Etsy

Animal crackers: Amazon

Popcorn boxes: Amazon

Popcorn and white tablecloth: Walmart

Cakes: Target

Table skirt: Amazon

Cake stand: Target

Hat, cake topper, highchair banner: Amazon (I took the center part off of the highchair banner and I added more ribbon + my own letters)

Monthly banner: Amazon

Plates and napkins: Amazon

My sister and brother dressed up as clowns and we had face painting and balloon animals. It was just such a fun time celebrating Harrison with all of our favorite people!

Harrison’s one-year-old photos

Venue: The Lumen Room

Banner: Busy Bees Smocks

Cake: Target

Bib and hat: Amazon

I recommend The Lumen room 10000% for any and all photoshoots! It’s our fav photo venue and it’s so easy and convenient.

Thank you for stopping by and reading! I hope this gives you some inspo for your next party!

xoxo, Alyssa


For the first time in 4-ever

March 7, 2022

This post is coming way later than I had anticipated but without further ado…here is Finley’s First time in 4-ever birthday party post!

We had her party at Play Street Museum which is our fav party venue! It is so fun for the kids and once you set-up then you just let the kids run and play! You can sit back and enjoy the party! I dont feel rushed or frantic. Plus, its super cute!

Play Street offers packages where they decorate for you based on ceratin themes! However, I like the DIY package so I can do it myself! I have linked everything below. Most is from Amazon!

Balloons and banner come together in a set (with the snowflakes): Amazon

Table runner: Swoozies

Both banners: I made them

Treat bags: hobby lobby

Ribbon: Hobby Lobby

Invitations and thank you tags: Etsy

Goody bag supplies: Here and Here

Crown: Amazon

Frozen Dress: Dressie Jessie

Cake topper: Etsy

Cake stand: Target

Plates: Target

Cake: Moosie made it!

Plates and straws: Ellie Piper and Co

Hats: Party City

Cups, napkins, and forks: Target

I also rented Anna and Elsa from FW Princess Parties and it was the highlight of the whole party! Finley still talks about them! She keeps brainstorming about the princesses she wants to come to her next birthday party…that’s 9 months away!

We had the best time celebrating our sweet 4-year old! I definitely recommend PSM for your next birthday party! Also, check out their party packages if you just want to show up and not have to worry about anything!

xoxo, Alyssa


Tea for Three

February 14, 2021

We had Finley’s birthday party at Play Street Museum and I 100000% recommend! It was so easy to set up and tear down! I was able to enjoy the party instead of entertaining everyone. The kids’ entertained themselves! Win-win!

Invitations: Etsy

Balloon garland: Amazon

Tea for Three Balloons: Etsy

Crown: Etsy

Dress: Poppy Kids Co

Runner: Nebraska Furniture Mart

Banner: Homemade

Cake stand, Cake, and candles: Target

Three-tiered stands: Amazon

Plates: Target

Cups and saucers: Ellie and Piper

Teapot: Amazon

Goodie bags: everything is from Hobby Lobby

Friends and Family

It was such a fun day celebrating Finley!

xoxo, Alyssa


Toddler Easter Activities

April 2, 2020

This Easter will look a little different so I am still keeping the traditions alive with fun Easter activities. Below are some activities we have done and some that we have on our list for the next few weeks.

Easter Crafts

Easter-themed food

Other Easter activities

Egg hunt

Dye eggs

Visit the Easter bunny (off the table this year but on the list for next year)

Decorate a fun Easter table

Easter photoshoot

Make Easter cookies

Resurrection Eggs

Bluebonnet Photos

Easter scavenger hunt

Make bunny bait for the Easter bunny

Egg toss

Add to your Easter book collection

Happy Easter and happy crafting!

xoxo, Alyssa


Finley’s two sweet birthday party

December 15, 2019

Finley’s birthday was the most fun! I can not believe we almost have a 2-year old! I have¬†linked everything below!


Balloons | Banner: I made it on my Cricut | Cake: made by a family friend |donut plates | Cake stand |

Plates | napkins: similar | straws: Hobby Lobby | cups: plastic cups from Target with donut stickers from Hobby Lobby | Finley’s dress + Bitty Baby dress¬†| Bitty Baby chair¬†| birthday crown¬†| Party favor labels


Friends and Family 

It was seriously perfect. My advice: have your party at a venue other than your house or some else’s. It was so easy! I kept is simple with decorations this year. It took about 2o minutes to put everything on up and I had about 10 minutes to take photos before guests starting arriving. I get flustered easily when I feel like I am in a hurry and then I don’t enjoy myself.¬†However,¬† I never once felt rushed! The kids had the best time playing and I was¬†able¬†to talk to all of our friends and family. Finley had the best time and did not want to leave! She¬†was¬†in Heaven having all of¬†our¬†friends and family in one place!

xoxo, Alyssa


Ways to give this holiday season

December 7, 2019

I was going to do a gift guide this year, however, I decided to post on ways to give instead. Finley’s birthday is 5 days before Christmas, so it is gift galore in December! I want her to know the true meaning of Christmas and to give more then she receives. Even though she is [almost] two, I have started these traditions with¬†her so she can learn early on.


Donate all toys and clothes. We went through all of Finley’s old toys and clothes and donated them all to an organization called Young Lives. It is an organization that helps teen moms. They give away all¬†donations¬†for FREE! Finley helped my bag them up and then told them all “bye” as I explained where they were going.

Angel Tree

The Angel Tree is over this year, however, you should add it to your list for next year! It is so sweet picking out a child from the tree and shopping for something special just for them! It was even sweeter this year doing it with Finley. I loved talking with her about WHY we do it!

Salvation Army Bucket

I am guilty about just walking by the buckets and not thinking twice. However, I stopped the other day to let Finley put a coin in and it changed my mind. I overheard the bell-ringer tell a woman how much the Salvation Army had helped him. When Finley put her money in, he thanked her with the most sincerity. I will keep change with me from now on specifically for the red buckets.

Treat box for delivery drivers

I saw this last year and I loved it! Put a box of treats on your doorstep for when delivery drivers drop off packages this holiday season! This is the first year Ryan and I have had a house so I finally get to do it! I got a box at the dollar tree for $1 and filled it with some snacks and drinks! So easy and a great way to bless people working this holiday season!

Where to donate:

Fort Worth Pregnancy center:

What they take: Baby and toddler clothes up to 2T

Where do drop off: 3221 Cleburne Rd. Fort Worth, TX 76110

Presbyterian Night Shelter:

What they take: women’s, mens, and kids clothing, and toys.

Where to drop off: 2400 Cypress St, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Young lives:

What¬†they take: Children’s clothes and toys

Where to drop off: 3750 S. University Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76109

Pregnancy Lifeline:

What they take: Women’s & Kid’s clothing and toys

Where to drop off: 4747 Hulen Street Fort Worth, Texas 76132

xoxo, Alyssa