February top 10

February 23, 2024

I’m back with my favorite post! My top 10 favorite things from the month of February!

  1. Rhea Lana’s. Look up to see if there is a Rhea Lanas in your area! It is such an easy way to make money AND to buy kids’ clothes at a discounted price!
  2. Rollercoaster Tycoon. Okay, y’all are going to laugh at me for this one. But im obsessed with this app. I started playing it when I took some time off social media in January. It takes me back to when I played when I was a kid. It’s so much fun and I check my theme park all throughout the day. Not even kidding.
  3. This jungle gym. One of the best gifts that Santa has brought us!
  4. This gymnastics bar. Speaking of Santa gifts, he brought us this gymnastic bar and it keeps both kids entertained for hours!
  5. My recipe board on Pinterest. I have been posting a lot of new meals and the majority of them come from Pinterest! Most are so easy and husband-approved. Which is a huge win!
  6. Fin & Harris. I obviously had to add this one in! I have so many new designs coming so make sure to follow on Instagram!
  7. Alyssa’s reading list. I did not read as many books this month as I had planned. I started with Gone Girl and it took entirely too long to read 2/5. The Women in the Window 3/5, November 9 5/5, The Choice, 1/5, Midnight in Delta County 5/5, The Girl Who Was Taken 5/5, The Couple Next Door 4/5, It Starts With Us 4/5.
  8. Stitch Fix. Shameless plug. I actually do not get compensated for this but you can use this link to get $25 off your first Fix! It is such a great way to update your wardrobe as we head into the spring season!
  9. My fav spring headband. It’s only $7 and versatile enough to wear with almost any outfit!
  10. Favorite sneakers. These are pricey but 100% worth the investment. I wear no other shoes as much as I wear these shoes. I wear them with many different types of outfits, on different occasions, and in all four seasons. I wore them our whole Disney trip and they were so comfy!

I hope y’all had a fun month of February! I cannot believe it is almost March!

xoxo, Alyssa


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