Back to School

September 10, 2019

I am a little late with my back to school post because we started school much later than everyone else! But better late than never! This was our first year at school so there was much excitement! Finley started preschool at our church’s preschool.  I had so much fun preparing all of her back to school items and I have linked everything below!

Back to school traditions

I’m a big fan of transitions. First, we started by getting her new back to school PJ’S and reading this sweet book. This book was read to me right before I geaduated high school by my theatre teacher. We will read it to Fin the night before the first day of each school year. At the end of the year, we will have her teachers sign the book.

 Next, I made this back to school breakfast as a fun way to kick off the school year! I simply added sprinkles to the pancake mixture for confetti pancakes! I threw up dome decor in the kitchen to make it more festive!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go book | Back to school pajamas | White Letter Baord| Finley plate 

Back to School Supplies 

Labels (unavailable but I linked some that are similar)| Note cards | wipe case | Bento Box | Nap mat + Lunch Box + Backpack (Bought locally from Initially Yours. They are the Oh Mint brand)

Cookies are from a local baker + I added this ribbon from Hobby Lobby


Finley’s dress (I bought on a buy/sell/trade Facebook page) | Bottom doormat  (Hobby Lobby) | Top doormat (we made it) | L door hanger (Bought locally in FW from Initially Yours)

She had a wonderful first day and we are so excited to see how much she grows this year!

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