New Year, Same You

December 30, 2019

I have probably tried every diet regiment ever made. Tried and failed. Over and Over. It’s frustrating. And exhausting. The only thing that I have found the most beneficial is Whole 30. It’s hard, but it works, yall. I have completed two full rounds and I will start round 3 in January.

I know I know…why wait and start my weight loss in January? Cliche. However, I feel like there is something fun and motivating about starting in the new year!

I went ahead and made a meal plan to make it a little easier. One hard thing is trying to meal plan each day/week. So, I eliminated the stress by going ahead and creating a month-long meal plan. I am also intermittent fasting, so I will only be eating from 11:00 am-7:00 pm. On the meal plan below, you will see that I have not planned breakfast because of the fasting. However, I have put some breakfast ideas below the meal plan so you can have some ideas if you are not fasting. (I am going on vaca in the middle of the month and I will not be doing Whole 30 during that time. I am going to go ahead and start in January though, because I do not want to postpone it!)



My in-laws east at Rosas every Saturday so I incorporated it into my meal plan. I get a taco salad wth ONLY fajita chicken and lettuce. I get a side of salsa and I bring my own plantains. The fajita meat is not compliant. Here is the thing: when I go out to eat I got food that is compliant, however, I do not ask how it is cooked (I do not like being THAT person). So while the food itself is compliant, how it is cooked might not be. I lost 20 pounds my first whole 30-so I am okay with it. Also, the Trader Joes plantain chips used to be compliant but now they are not. I still east them because all of the ingredients are compliant. I eat them with salsa for a snack! Whenever I eat at home all of my meals will be compliant. In N Out, Chipotle, Zoe’s, and Snap Kitchen all have whole 30 certified meals.

I also do Fit4Mom, so I am going to try my best to go Monday-Friday. When my Bible study starts back on Thursdays, I will probably skip and go for a morning run!

I am excited to start a healthier lifestyle for my family!

xoxo, Alyssa

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