30 before 30

June 30, 2020
Dress: J.Marie

Alright, y’all. I don’t know if it is because I am an enneagram 3 or just because I love this idea, but checking off 30 goals before I am 30 sounds so exciting! I have accomplished so much in my 29 years and I’m not “afraid” to turn 30. I am looking forward to accomplishing as many, if not all of these goals! Here we go! (P.S two are marked out because they’re secret)

  1. Cross off all the restaurants on my list 
  2. ****** **** ****
  3. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight 
  4. Start my own business 
  5. ***** ** *** ******* 
  6. Go to the New Mexico balloon festival 
  7. See the Christmas tree in NYC
  8. Read all the books on my reading list 
  9. Grow my hair out, cut it, donate it 
  10. Go to an escape room 
  11. Go to a drive-in movie 
  12. Cook all the marked recipes in my recipe books
  13. Buy a plane ticket to a random place
  14. Get all 11 cousins together again 
  15. Romantic getaway with Ryan
  16. Run a 5K
  17. Go paddle boarding 
  18. Be consistent with my blog
  19. Create a capsule wardrobe 
  20. Be in 4 states at once 
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Take a pottery class 
  23. Write a book
  24. Complete our family 
  25. Create a will
  26. Spa day 
  27. Write a letter to myself and open it on my 30th birthday
  28. Learn to sew matching dresses for me and Finley
  29. Learn more about my ancestors 
  30. Get a massage 

Many of these items are things that I have always wanted to do but have never gotten around to it. So, here’s to the last year in my 20’s! Here’s to a year full of new adventures!

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