Keeping up with the Littlefields

January 11, 2018

Life as a family of three has been a very smooth transition. Sometimes, Ryan and I just stare at Finley wondering how we got so lucky to be her parents. We are in awe of how we made this little lady and how we get to be the ones who raise her. The Lord is so faithful.

The first night was a little rough. We got maybe two hours of sleep. Thank goodness for concealer! We jumped up to check on her when she let out any tiny little noise or cry. We have never prayed so much in our life. We really have to just trust God and give it all to him. The first month, we would spend about an hour and a half during each feeding, just trying to figure out what worked for us and what worked for Finley.

As the days have gone on, we have been getting more into a routine that works well for us and we are getting more sleep. PTL. Our sweet Fin is also getting used to her feeding schedule. She has started to wake up on the dot every three hours. Our little premie is growing rapidly and has been catching up with her eating. She is finally on the percentile chart! We have come along way since being on the feeding tube!

Being home with my family of three has been a dream. We are so blessed to be able to have this time together to get used to things. Finley already has us both wrapped around her tiny little finger. I remember being a blonde, chubby-cheeked little girl that loved playing house so I could pretend to be a mom. That was what I wanted more than anything. I knew becoming a mother would be great but Finely is the reason why being a mom is so wonderful.

Ryan and I want to thank you all for the prayers and encouragement these last few months. It means more to us than you know. It was not the easiest pregnancy or delivery, but the fact that Finley is here and healthy makes it 100% worth it! Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Our prayer for Finley is that she is happy, healthy and that she loves The Lord with all her heart! Finley has changed our lives for the better and we are so so thankful that we get to be her mom and dad!


Alyssa Littlefield

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