How to do Disney World in 3 days

April 7, 2020

Disney in 3 days? Yes, it is possible and SO much fun. This was our 4th time to go and our second 3-day trip! I have compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to make it just as magical. (If you want to read about how to do Disney for longer, check out my other post here)

Disney’s Magical Express

We arrived at the Orlando airport and headed right for the Magical Express. There are signs as soon as you get off the airplane that point you in the right direction. We did not check bags so we did not have to wait at baggage claim (praise). Another time-savig trick: we took this foldable stroller so we put it up above out seat on the plane. We did not have to wait for them to bring it to use after the flight.

Have your magic bands ready to be scanned and they will tell you which bus to stand in line for. The bus line goes fast and the bus drops you off right at your hotel.

All-Star Movies Resort

We really enjoy the all-star resorts. We have stayed in all three all-star resorts and they are all very similar. The Moives resort is recently upated. However, our favorite is the All- Star Sports becasue it is the first one the bus goes too. So it picks you up first and drops you off first!

Shuttle Buses

Free transportation! Which is a HUGE reason why we stay on property! These busses will take you to each of the parks, to Disney Springs and to either of the All-Star resorts. If you want to check out the other resorts (which is really fun), you will have to take the shuttle to one of the parks and then take the correct shuttle to the resort you prefer.

Hollywood Studios

We only did two parks this time so I will be reviewing the two parks that we went too. We started with Hollywood Studios becasue we feel like it is a 1/2 day park. We went to HS right when we got there so it was aroud 1:00 pm. We went straight to check out Star Wars. We continued with Toy Story Land, Disney Jr., and The Frozen Sing Along. We also met Minnie and Mickey here. They are located towards the back. We ended the night with Fantasmic. (My favorite show!)

Star Wars: Ryan was only able to ride one ride. He rode it may times becasue it has single rider. He was not able to ride the other ride. In order to ride it, you have to get there early before the park opens and wait in line. Once the park opens and you enter then you can check in for a boarding pass. The boarding pass will give you a boarding group. If you do not get there early enough then you will not get in a baoring group. IMPORTANT: If you get in a boarding group it does not mean that you will get on. You could be in boarding group 123 and they could only make it to group 80. So it is not guaranteed unless you are a very low number. You are able to leave the park BUT you can not miss your boarding group being called or you will not get on.

One of our fav rides is Toy Story Mania! We used a fast pass for ths one! We also used a fast pass for the Frozeon Sing Along. However, it is not needed! Also, a fast pass for Fantasmic is not needed either! There are so many seats!

Magic Kingdom

My favorite park. We used our three fast passes for meeting Mickey Mouse, Meeting Ariel, and riding the Ariel ride. We got there right when MK opened and I highy ecommend it. Main Street opens before the park opens. So we got there about 30 minuts early and we were able to enter Main Street and we headed straight for the castle. The have ropes to rope off the entrances to the rides. They do an opening ceremony that was so cool! It was our first time to see it!

Once the ropes dropped, we headed straight for Peter Pan’s Flight Of Passage. We were not able to get a fast pass for this ride because they go so fast. So, we sprinted and waited no more than 5 minutes! After that, we headed to It’s A Small World After All and walked right on!

We got there early and were able to do all of the rides that we wanted to ride by lunch time. So, after that we just walked around and rode our fave rides, watched our fave shows, ate our fave food, etc!

We ended the night with both of the shows. Yes, there are two shows. Everyone usually leaves after the fireworks, but STAY for the second show!

Disney Springs 

We finished our trip with Disney Springs. This is an outdoor shoping mall. You do not need a park ticket to get in. There are shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, and more! It is out fav way to end our trip! It feels like Disney without actually going into a park. Our fav place to eat is at D-Luxe burger. They also have this huge Disney store called World of Disney that has everything you could ever want!

Well there are some of my tips on how to do Disney in 3 days!

xoxo, Alyssa

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