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Back to School

September 10, 2019

I am a little late with my back to school post because we started school much later than everyone else! But better late than never! This was our first year at school so there was much excitement! Finley started preschool at our church’s preschool.  I had so much fun preparing all of her back to school items and I have linked everything below!

Back to school traditions

I’m a big fan of transitions. First, we started by getting her new back to school PJ’S and reading this sweet book. This book was read to me right before I geaduated high school by my theatre teacher. We will read it to Fin the night before the first day of each school year. At the end of the year, we will have her teachers sign the book.

 Next, I made this back to school breakfast as a fun way to kick off the school year! I simply added sprinkles to the pancake mixture for confetti pancakes! I threw up dome decor in the kitchen to make it more festive!

Oh, The Places You’ll Go book | Back to school pajamas | White Letter Baord| Finley plate 

Back to School Supplies 

Labels (unavailable but I linked some that are similar)| Note cards | wipe case | Bento Box | Nap mat + Lunch Box + Backpack (Bought locally from Initially Yours. They are the Oh Mint brand)

Cookies are from a local baker + I added this ribbon from Hobby Lobby


Finley’s dress (I bought on a buy/sell/trade Facebook page) | Bottom doormat  (Hobby Lobby) | Top doormat (we made it) | L door hanger (Bought locally in FW from Initially Yours)

She had a wonderful first day and we are so excited to see how much she grows this year!


Postpartum weight loss- the first 10 pounds

July 20, 2019

I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy. 70 pounds. At first, my doctor said it was fine to eat whatever I wanted. I had severe morning sickness so I ate anything that did not make me sick. Queue pizza, cheeseburgers, and french fries. I could not eat any veggies at all. Even the thought of anything green made me sick. I started gaining 10 pounds every time I went to the doctor. Well, fast forward to when I was 30 weeks along and my doctor told me that if I didn’t start eating healthy then I would not lose the weight. I went straight to the grocery store to get some healthy-ish food. That didn’t last long because I was hospitalized when I was 32 weeks. The hospital food was awful so, I ate a lot of CFA and McDonalds.  Even after I delivered, I still craved McDonald’s. I never ate it before I was pregnant but there I was craving it every day.

Right after I delivered, I dropped 30 pounds instantly. However, because of my awful eating habits, I quickly gained 4 pounds back. I knew I had to do something or I was going to go down a path that I did not want to down. I was not allowed to work out for 6 weeks because I had a c-section. So, I decided to change my eating habits. See-ya Mcdonalds and hello Whole 30.

I lost 20 pounds on my first whole 30. I felt awesome. My problem is that when I start losing weight,  I feel good so I start having cheat meals. One cheat meal turns into 2 which turns into 3…you get the drift.

Here I am, back to square one. What a terrible feeling. 18 months postpartum and I weigh exactly what I weighed right after I delivered. I am using this blog post as my personal diary on my weight-loss journey. I am viewing this as a lifestyle change instead of a diet. I hope that through this it will encourage you to kick-start a healthy lifestyle as well!

Day 1: July 5, 2019 | 200 pounds

Today I started the whole 30. This is my third round and I’ll be the first to admit that it is hard, y’all. But it works and I always feel amazing. This is what I found to be most effective for me. I will add that I’m doing Whole 30 but not for 30 days. I am doing Whole 30 as a healthy guideline for what I can and can not eat. I did a whole 30 meal plan for 12 days. I did not work out during these 12 days. These 10 pounds were all lost from eating better.

Some of the foods that I really enjoy are:

Turkey, bacon, and mustard on a lettuce wrap (check your labels)

Hamburger with mustard in a lettuce wrap with homemade french fries

Grilled chicken with veggies

Zoe’s chicken kabobs with veggies and potato salad

Chipotle carnitas bowl with just lettuce

Salads with no dressing


Plantain chips and salsa

almond flour-coated chicken tenders

Taco salad

Day 11: July 15, 2019 | 187 pounds

I lost the first 10 pounds quickly because I had so much weight to lose. I am going to be totally honest. I use to eat ALOT. I would snack throughout the day, eat fast food whenever I wanted too, I would finish Finley’s plate when she was done, I drank a sweet tea daily, etc. It started with a mindset change.

My friend Calen told me that she started “eating to survive”. That has stuck with me. Yes, I enjoy food. However, I only need to eat when my body is telling me that it is hungry. I shouldn’t eat out of boredom or because food is right in front of me.

Is a couple of minutes of indulgence worth a couple of pounds of weight gain? Absolutely not.

I am starting on my next 10 pounds and will keep you updated! I am going to try new ways of losing weight which include different meal plans, intermittent fasting and starting to work out. Stay Tuned!


Fun in Fort Worth

June 12, 2019

It is no secret that Finley and I love exploring our City! I am born and raised in Fort Worth and I am so thankful that I get to raise Finley here! It gets hot in Texas, Y’all. So, I have compiled a list of 15 fun play date ideas here in Fort Worth to help you beat the heat!

1.Zoo Splash Pad


2. The Happy Lark

3.Forest Park mini train

4. Waterside

5. The Zoo/Petting Zoo/Stingray Cove

6. Dream Park

7. Sundance Square Fountains

8. Benbrook Park

9. Chick-Fil-A play space

10. Kid Mania

11. Peek N Play

12. Fossil Rim

13. Host a party!

14. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History


15. Benbrook Library Story Time

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to beat the heat this summer!



April 29, 2019

Well, the secret is out…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!  The story of our house buying process is incredible so I want to share it with you!

We moved out of our apartment last September because our lease was up. We were waiting to find out where Ryan’s job was going to take him so we moved in with my in-laws for the time being. We found out in March of this year that he will continue to stay in Fort Worth! So this meant that the house search was on!

We talked with a small mortgage company and we did not get approved for as much as we wanted because we both have new cars. (I wish High School would have taught us about this) So we were advised to pay off debt before they would up how much we were approved for. So we paid off $8,000 in debt in one month. But we still did not get approved for as much as we wanted. We just still felt like that was not right. However, we paid off $8,000 in debt so it was definitely worth it!

On Monday, April 1, I told Ryan he needed to check with a different mortgage company to see if they would approve us for more. And they did. Within 30 minutes they pre-approved us for exactly what we wanted to be approved for. (Oh hi, God!)

Later that morning we went out to find bluebonnets for photos and came across this neighborhood that we loved. We saw a for sale sign in the yard for a super cute house in the neighborhood that we had been looking at months earlier. I told Ryan to call the number ASAP and it turns out that the real estate agent is actually the owner of the house. She asked if we wanted to see the house since we were in the neighborhood. She called her husband and he met us there so we could tour the house. He had just put the for sale sign in the yard 1 hour before we called. (I see you, God)

The house was the exact price that we were approved for. Ryan worked hard the next few days working with the insurance company, the mortgage company, and the realtor. The owners of the house really like us and even turned down cash offers for the house. However, on Wednesday they had three offers come in so they had to make a decision. Around 8:00 pm that night we got the call that they picked us! (Thank you, God)

Now we wait. The fun and long closing period where the bank looks at your finances. We were conditionally approved (whatever that means), however, we could spend like $0. I think it’s funny how when we want to save, it is so easy to not spending money. BUT when someone tells you not to spend money, it is the hardest thing ever.

We asked to move up our closing date because we were ready and no one was living in the house. So, our move-in date was moved from May 2 to April 29.  Just last month I had no idea where we were going to live. And in less than a month we found out perfect house in an amazing school district! The Lord orchestrated the timing so perfectly and we give him all the praise!

I am looking forward to the many play dates, memories, and milestones that will happen in our very first family home!


Finley’s Winter ONEderland

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful 2019 so far! I am kicking off the New Year with a post all about Finley’s first birthday!

I feel like I just planned my wedding all over again. All joking aside, I had so much fun planning her party. I have never used so much glitter, glue, and scissors so much in one month. Her invites turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I ordered them off Etsy, printed them at FedEx, and cut them myself.

We had the party at my Aunt Jens house (we have many parties here). We set up the night before because I wanted to make sure that I did not forget anything. So by setting up early, I could make a list of things I still needed to bring.

(We left the cake on the silver base because we were afraid to take it off)

Hot Cocoa Bar and Waffle Bar

We used the Belgian waffles from Eggo and they are the best waffles I have ever had. They were a hit at the party, as well!


Smash Cake and Presents

She cried the whole time we sang Happy Birthday and refused to eat the cake. Thank goodness, we did a smash cake photo shoot previously!


Friends and Family

Smash Cake Photoshoot

Photographer: Littlefield Productions

Studio: The Lumen Room

Banner, bib, and hat: Mudpie

Garland and smash cake: Target

Cake topper: Berry Pom & James

Finley’s dress: Ivy City Co

My Dress: Amazon

Party Decor:

Invitations: PartyInvitesandMore on Etsy

Snowglobe craft: Hobby Lobby

Guestbook frame: Hobby Lobby

Hot cocoa bar and waffle bar signs: Hobby Lobby (I made the words on Cricut)

Three tiered waffle holder: Hobby Lobby

White ramekins and bowl: Target

Coffee sleeves: The sleeves came with the cups and I cut the snowflakes on my Cricut

Coffee cups and lids: Walmart

Plates and Napkins: Berry Pom & James

Silverware and regular cups: Target

ONE letters: I bought the supplies at Hobby Lobby and made them myself

Fake snow on Mantel: Walmart

Mini Christmas trees on Mantel: Target dollar spot

Monthly Banner: I made it

Chalkboard sign: A local girl in Fort Worth made it.

Pinwheels: Berry Pom & James

Christmas trees on dessert table: Hobby Lobby

Cake: Sugar Biscuit bakery

highchair banner: I made it

Plates for sweets: I borrowed them from my sister

Cake stand: Target

Cake topper for cake: I made it

Cake topper for smash cake: LittleLinDesigns on Etsy

Party hat: LittleBlueOlive from Etsy

Cluster of balloons: ChrissyBPartyShop from Etsy

Rose gold 1 balloon: FancyCelebration from Etsy

Finley’s dress: Target


Pinterest Perfect Pregnancy

December 8, 2018

“Pinterest Perfect Pregnancy” I will forewarn you that it was as far as Pinterest worthy as it could be. But it was worth every second.

Pregnancy Announcement

I am not going to lie, I had this idea planned out in my head even before we were trying to get pregnant. Donuts, banners, cute customized cards, I thought of it all. I thought I had to tell my family I was pregnant in the cutest way. However, when we found out we were pregnant, I was out of state, far from family, and I was so sick. I found out that I was pregnant on my second wedding anniversary while we were in Alaska. I went to the local grocery store in Skagway, AK and bought a pregnancy test. There are no such things as public bathrooms, apparently. So, after walking forever, we found a little boutique that had a bathroom. I took the test and sure enough, it was positive. I will never forget how I felt at that moment. The Lord orchestrated this so beautifully. I would not trade it for the world. But was it how I had planned it? No. And that is what is so wonderful about it. I told my family via Facetime. Yes, you read that right. But it was the most exciting FaceTime call I have ever made. So, however you announce your pregnancy, it will be lovely. Whether it’s with donuts, a cute coffee mug, or just a phone call, each way is beautiful in itself.

Gender Reveal

Now, this was a party that I had thought would be over the top, amazing in every way, and something you would want to repin on Pinterest. HA. I had severe morning sicking that was 24-7. I was to the point where I did not even want to have the party. Praise the Lord for my sister who helped me plan and decorate! It was very simple and sweet. The gender reveal balloon popped before we announced, however, no one saw it pop so it did not ruin the reveal! It was not what I had planned in my head but it still was so fun to announce it! We had our most special friends and family there to celebrate with us and at the end of the day, that was what was most important to us. I was blown away by all the people who showed up and all the people who tuned into our Facebook live to celebrate with us. Our sweet growing baby was already so loved.

Maternity Fashion 

This is probably the biggest laugh of all. Y’all. I thought I would be the cutest pregnant person ever. The ones you see on Pinterest making pregnancy look so fashionable. I bought maybe two pieces of maternity clothing and only wore one of the tops. I lived in leggings and over-sized tops. Thank goodness I was pregnant during the winter months. I was gifted some maternity leggings and I literally lived in them. (I still wear them, because let’s be real, maternity leggings are the BEST). I could care less about what I wore each day. All I cared about was making it through the day without throwing up.


I have always struggled with letting go and not being in control. I am a planner, which is not always a bad thing. However, sometimes I plan too much that I don’t stop to see what the Lord has for me. I got a huge wakeup call during pregnancy. As you can tell already, things did not go how I had expected them too. It was hard, but it was good. The Lord is completely in control and even though things did not go how I thought they would go, it went exactly how it was supposed too. And through it, I learned to Trust The Lord even more.

December 7, 2017, I was admitted to the hospital for severe Preeclampsia. I was in the hospital for 14 days and then I went back for an emergency c-section. (I have another blog post that goes more in detail on this.) It was the craziest, most exciting, most terrifying, experience I have ever gone through. But even then, I felt The Lord near in every way.

Our sweet Finley made her debut on December 20, 2017. She is perfect in every way. I did not enjoy being pregnant, however, I loved growing my baby girl. You will not see my pregnancy on Pinterest. But it was worth it. Absolutely worth it.


The Littlefield’s take Disney World

December 3, 2018

We did it. We did Disney world with a 6-month-old. I had many questions about what it was like, so after much consideration, I decided to write about it!

(Our matching shirts are from Old Navy)

Airport and the Plane ride

We took Finley’s stroller and her car seat. BEST DECISION. I want to travel with a stroller every. single. time. We put all of our carry-on bags under the stroller so I was hands-free the entire time at the airport. It was amazing! We took two stroller bags to put the stroller and car seat in and we checked them at the gate. (I definitely recommend stroller bags). Security was very easy. I had to take off my shoes but Finely did not. We had to break down our stroller and car seat and put the whole thing on the conveyor belt.  Ryan did this while Finley and I went through the x-ray. (On the way back home they let me take a water bottle through security for her bottle). P.S. I have heard that you need to take a birth certificate when you are flying with an infant. However, we were never asked for hers.

 I decided to feed Finley during take-off so that her ears would not pop. Finley is formula fed so we bought a water bottle at the airport and I had individually packaged formula packets (from Walmart). I made her bottle on the plane and it was incredibly easy. I fed her during take-off and she slept the whole plane ride. When we got off the plane, the man sitting behind us said that when we got on the plane with a baby he was a little worried but he was very surprised at how well she did.

Arriving at Disney

We rented a car because we wanted to have the freedom to drive whenever and wherever. Plus we went to the beach one day. However, if you only plan on going to the hotel and the parks then you do not need to rent a car. The Disney shuttle takes you from the airport to the hotel and to all of the parks (Even Disney Springs).

We stayed at the All-Star Music hotel. This was the more affordable hotel, however, it was still very nice. Everything was Disney themed and gave you all the Disney feels! Once we arrived we checked into the hotel and hung out at the cafe until it was time to check in to our room. We saw Goofy and purchased a refillable soda cup. (If you arrive early, it is completely fine because there is so much to do at the hotel. EX. A Disney store, cafe, TV’s playing Disney movies, a pool, and so much to look at.) We asked for a pack-and-play for her to sleep in and they brought one to our room.

Refillable soda cups

These are $19.99 are you have unlimited refills for a week.  The only place you are able to fill up is at a Disney hotel. However, you can fill up at any hotel, not just the one you stay at. We would always fill up right before we headed out to the parks and fill up as soon as we got back.

Disney Shuttle

These will take you to any Disney park and to the airport. One important thing to know is that you have to fold up the stroller on the shuttle. It was kind of a pain but we got the hang of it.

(My dress is from Francesca’s and her dress is from Amazon)

Magic Kingdom

If you are only doing one park, then you want to do magic kingdom. This park has the most rides and attractions. My advice is to get the app. It has a map of the park and will tell you the wait times at each attraction. My favorite thing to do is to meet all of the characters at this park. I also love the Dumbo ride and the spinning teacups, because who doesn’t 🙂

Animal Kingdom

This is basically a glorified zoo. If you have animal lovers, then you will want to definitely visit this park. This is also the park with the Yeti roller coaster and Pandora. They have a Lion King show that is amazing.


This park is geared more for adults. You eat your way around the world. My favorites include the nachos in Mexico and the egg rolls in China. My advice is to get only one of whatever you want and split it with whoever you are with. This way you do not get full as quickly and you can try as many items as possible. My favorite part of Epcot is trying all of the different foods and riding the Frozen ride. You will want a fast pass for this ride. Trust me.

Hollywood Studios

This park is mostly restaurants, stores, and shows. They do have the new Tory Story Land that I have not yet been too. It opened the week after we left last time we went. This park is decorated as old Hollywood which is fun. My favorite part of this park is Beauty and the Beast Live and the Frozen sing-along. Also, this is where all of Disney Jr is located.

Fast Passes

You can book 3 fast passes per person ahead of time. Once those three are out you can book more, however, you can only book one at a time after your first 3. Do your research if there are rides that you really want to ride and book ahead. The rides that usually have a long line are: Avatar, Peter Pan, Space Mountain, 7 dwarfs mine train, and Frozen Ever After.


We actually have never done a dining pass so I have no knowledge on that. I will say that if you do not want to do a meal plan then you do not have too. For breakfast we just did Starbucks and we ate a lot of Mickey shaped food throughout the day. So we would eat a small lunch at a quick service restaurant. For dinner, we would either find some place at the parks or we would leave (we had our own car) and go somewhere outside of the park. Tip: When dining at a quick service restaurant order ahead of time on the app so that you do not have to wait in line!

Tips + Tricks

Bring portable chargers. Your phone will die.

Bring your own first aid kit.

You can take food and drinks into the parks.

Do not miss the parades or shows. They’re amazing.

Take a stroller or wagon. We took our stroller that is able to fold down so Finley could sleep. We would walk through the park while she slept and it was so easy.

Purchase a spray fan. Especially in the summer.

The stores on Main Street all connect so if it is hot, you can walk through the stores to get some A/C and to get out of the heat.

Mickey waffles are also served at the Disney hotels.

Use the buddy system on rides if you have kids and you and your spouse both want to ride.

SAY YES to the park hopper. It is so nice to be able to go to more than one park a day. We visited every park, so on our last day we went to ALL 4 parks and did our favorite thing from each park. It was so nice to have the ability to go back and do all of those things again! Plus, some parks only take 1/2 a day!

Do not skip out on Fantasia. Trust me.


Buttons! Buttons are free so just ask for one either at your resort or at the parks! These are a fun way to add excitement to your vacation!

Boat Ride. One day when we were leaving Hollywood Studios and going to Epcot we took a boat ride instead of the shuttle. It was so nice and relaxing. We got to see many of the resorts that were on the river and we passed by the Disney Boardwalk. It was a very enjoyable break from walking all day.

 Club Cool in Epcot. This is where you can taste sodas from all over the world for FREE.

Magic Bands

These are free if you stay in a Disney hotel. These are how you access your hotel room and your credit card is linked to it. You just scan your magic band any time you want to purchase something. SO EASY! Every time your photo is taken at WDW your photos are linked to your magic band, as well.

Extra Mickey Hours

These are available if you stay in a Disney Hotel. This means that on certain parks on certain days you can get into the park early and leave later. This is great if you want to ride a ride but are not able to get a fast pass for it. My husband wanted to ride the Avatar ride but it was always 3+hours to ride it. He went one morning when Animal kingdom had EMH and beat the line! He only waited 10 minutes!

(My top is from Stitch Fix and my shorts are from Old Navy. Finley’s dress is from Gap Kids)

Disney Springs

Do not skip on this if you have time. It is free to get in so anyone can go. It is owned by Disney so it still feels like you’re at Disney. The shuttle from your hotel will take you here as well! It has a movie theatre, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. It is so much fun. The best place we ate at in Disney was at a restaurant called D-luxe burger in Disney Springs.

AduIt and kid-friendly

We have done Disney with and without kids. It was so much fun both times. I honestly can not rate one time higher than the other. They were both magical. Disney has so much geared for children. However, they have gone above and beyond with making it aduItfriendly too. I will say that Epcot is geared more towards adults.

I hope this helps you plan your Disney vacation!


Why I am not breastfeeding

April 4, 2018

This topic is a hard one. I have to admit, when I was pregnant I knew I was going to breastfeed and that was final. I remember walking down the isles at Target with the baby-registry scanner adding items to my list. I came across a cute formula holder and thought to myself, oh that’s cute but I will never need that. As I walked to the breast pumps to scope out the best one. I did not cast judgment on people who used formula, but I knew that would not be me. Some moms would tell me how it was what was best for my baby and I knew that. Some moms would tell me how it is hard in the beginning but to keep pushing through it. I had information streaming from every direction.

When Finley was born I held her for about 5 minutes before she was sent down to the NICU. After that, I could not see her for 24 hours due to being on Magnesium. She was 6 weeks early because of my preeclampsia. So, my blood pressure was sky-high and they needed to monitor it for the 24 hours after birth. That meant not getting out of bed and unfortunately, not seeing Finley. Not the ideal birth story you read about on Pinterest.

In the NICU they fed Finley donor breast milk. This was amazing! Their donors go through a severe screening process. So, for the first 5 days, she had donor milk from a bottle. After 5 days, they switch to formula. I would go down down the NICU and I tried my best to breastfeed during her stay. However, she was 6 weeks premature so it was a little harder for her. I had to use a nipple shield for her to even latch at all. We would feed for 30 minutes and then supplement with donor milk. Days 6-7 we supplemented with formula. I was very hesitant to switch to formula at first, but we had no other option. I was not producing enough right away because my body had not been ready to give birth that quickly and Finley was not fully ready.

I remember getting so excited when I pumped 1/2 an ounce. It was truly a proud mom moment. Once we got home from the hospital I tried to pump as much as I could. I breastfed Finley and we would supplement with formula. However, each feeding was a struggle. When I say struggle, I mean Finley and I were both in tears. Every. Single. Feeding. She had been so used to using a bottle with the donor milk, so she would not latch without the shield. And the shield was a whole other struggle. I was so discouraged and I did not understand why. One particular feeding took almost two hours. I knew breastfeeding was what was best, so why was it not working? Was I a bad mom for feeling this way? Was I not trying hard enough?

When we started our Pediatrician visits Finley weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces. As we continued to go, our pediatrician was a little worried because she was not gaining weight like she should have been. We had to start going weekly for weight-checks. What we came to find out, was that I was not producing enough so when I was breastfeeding she was not getting as much as she needed. We made the hard decision to go strictly to formula. Mom guilt is real, Y’all. I never thought this would be me. I thought I was failing my baby. But you know what? After being on formula for a couple of weeks, she gained weight rapidly. I am happy to report that she is now on the percentile chart when they had previously said it would take her months.

In the end, you have to do what is best for YOUR baby. Do not let anyone influence your decisions as a mom. You know your baby better than anyone. I am THAT mom who feeds her baby formula and I am proud of it. I am proud because I am doing what I need to do for my baby to be healthy!

(And yes, I went back to Target to get the cute formula holder 🙂 )

xo, Alyssa Littlefield


Keeping up with the Littlefields

January 11, 2018

Life as a family of three has been a very smooth transition. Sometimes, Ryan and I just stare at Finley wondering how we got so lucky to be her parents. We are in awe of how we made this little lady and how we get to be the ones who raise her. The Lord is so faithful.

The first night was a little rough. We got maybe two hours of sleep. Thank goodness for concealer! We jumped up to check on her when she let out any tiny little noise or cry. We have never prayed so much in our life. We really have to just trust God and give it all to him. The first month, we would spend about an hour and a half during each feeding, just trying to figure out what worked for us and what worked for Finley.

As the days have gone on, we have been getting more into a routine that works well for us and we are getting more sleep. PTL. Our sweet Fin is also getting used to her feeding schedule. She has started to wake up on the dot every three hours. Our little premie is growing rapidly and has been catching up with her eating. She is finally on the percentile chart! We have come along way since being on the feeding tube!

Being home with my family of three has been a dream. We are so blessed to be able to have this time together to get used to things. Finley already has us both wrapped around her tiny little finger. I remember being a blonde, chubby-cheeked little girl that loved playing house so I could pretend to be a mom. That was what I wanted more than anything. I knew becoming a mother would be great but Finely is the reason why being a mom is so wonderful.

Ryan and I want to thank you all for the prayers and encouragement these last few months. It means more to us than you know. It was not the easiest pregnancy or delivery, but the fact that Finley is here and healthy makes it 100% worth it! Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Our prayer for Finley is that she is happy, healthy and that she loves The Lord with all her heart! Finley has changed our lives for the better and we are so so thankful that we get to be her mom and dad!


Alyssa Littlefield


Finley’s NICU stay

January 4, 2018

The hardest part of being in the hospital was not being able to see Finley for 24 hours after I gave birth. I got to hold her for about 5 minutes before they took her to the NICU. I was on magnesium (as I previously stated in my last blog post) so I could not leave my bed or room for 24 hours. When the time came for me to get out of bed, it was extremely hard. I underwent a c-section just 24 hours earlier and had not been out of bed since. Sitting up and rolling over was so painful. It was a pain like I have never felt before. I was to the point of tears. But I wanted more than anything to get out of bed and go see my daughter.

When I finally made it to the NICU, I was just so excited to hold my baby girl. I did not want to leave. I could have just held her for hours. The nurses were amazing! They took such great care of our Finley so I knew she was in great hands. Each time we walked in there it was so positive and uplifting. Ryan and I were so thankful for all of the help they provided. They taught us how to feed her the right way and how to pace her with the bottle. They gave us so many tips on breastfeeding. Honestly, if it wasn’t for them, I would not know how to properly breastfeed. They informed us on small things like taking her temperate before each feeding and how to hold her while bottle feeding and breastfeeding. They also showed us some tips and tricks. We are truly grateful.

I was discharged on December 24 and even though I was thrilled to be leaving the hospital after 18 days of being a patient, it was so hard leaving my baby there. It was the weirdest feeling. We had only been a family of 3 for 4 days so it was all so new. On one hand, it felt normal riding in the car with just Ryan heading to get lunch and then heading home. On the other hand, I felt like I had left half of my heart at the hospital. I remember waking up the next day on Christmas Day wanting more than anything for my baby to be there with us. All I wanted was to spend the whole day with her, even if that meant sitting in the NICU all day. And that’s exactly what we did.

After 6 days and many shed tears later, Finley was discharged on December 27. My favorite thing was walking out of that hospital with my sweet little family of three. We had quite the adventure this past month. 18 days in the hospital, an unexpected C-Section delivering our baby 6 weeks early, and a 6 day NICU stay.  This was not how we thought our delivery would go at all. But through it all, we trusted The Lord. We knew He had a plan and that it was good. Everything was completely out of our control so we had to lean on The Lord more than ever. Our God is a good God and our God is a faithful God. We thank Him every day for our sweet baby girl!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


Alyssa Littlefield